I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, April 18, 2007

M.I.A. pt. deux

Where have I been?!
Well I traveled up the coast stopping in Santa Cruz..(pictures are at www.476ad.com/emmacooper)
Then spent a couple days in SF.
Pictures are coming for all the curious minds out there

so opinions
I want Nike Dunks.
And they are already rediculous so i thought, Hey what does it matter if they are totally trashy?
any opinions on these babies?
I have already had my two best friends and another loved one threaten to disown me if i buy them


KG said...

haha i think theyre sweet if you can pull them off. i know i couldnt pull them off, but if you can go for it!

Colin Roe said...

I dare you to get them
that means you have to

emma said...

its good to have you on my side!
i need monies to buy them....

Anonymous said...

i'm going to break up with you if you do it.

ADDY said...

do it bABY!!