I'm saving this for real this time

Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Podcast episode 5!

Nothing like waking up and recording a podcast!

Click Here!!!!

heres the tracklisting, just to tempt you to listen!

• The Way I Feel Inside-The Zombies
• Gut Feeling-Devo
• Don’t Make Me Rock You-National Splits
• The Golden Wooden Tone-Josephine Foster
• Everyday-Dennis Driscoll
• Where It’s Hotter Part 3-The Microphones
• Nothing’s WOrse Than Being Uncool-Red Pony Clock
• Easier-Grizzly Bear
• Van Helsing Boombox-Man Man
• + 81-Deerhoof
• the name of a styx song-Alfred Daniels Midland
• Oh No-Lavender Diamond
• Hot Chick-Uffie

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