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Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Rebel Yelle

My friend Athena might be the only one who shares my love of French pop music. I have heard her talk about some girl named Yelle before, but today when we were working on layouts and had in a mix cd a few of Yelle's songs came on and I found myself bouncing in my chair, bobbing my head wishing I was jumping on a trampoline to this music, no lies. It was so fun and brightened my day. So we googled her name only to find out she is a super cute girl!

In a seal pose.

From French Elle.

Her album cover. I admit its all a bit "French" Nu Rave, but oh well.
For you all, a song off her album, but I recommend you go out and get your paws on the entire thing! http://www.yelle.fr/

Yelle-Ce jeu

listen to it!

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sucha said...

i love Yelle :)