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Friday, February 01, 2008


Inspired by the purging Kime did in her apartment I decided it would be an excellent idea if I did the same. Boy does it feel good. First I attacked my closet which was jam packed full to the brim, literally ripping at the seams to the point that no more hangers could fit along the length of it. I took EVERYTHING out and put them on racks and edited it. I would like to say I got rid of a third of my closet because now there is tons of room, TONS. I also got rid of tons of shoes and bags and accesories as well as cleaned out drawers full of random objects. Then I got rid of a large majority of my children's books and "teen fiction" novels (I'm keeping my gossip girl series, how could I not). I had a whole 2 and a half shelves of room which I moved some camera stuff and records up onto that were before just sitting around on the floor. I had done a psuedo organizational/get rid of stuff mission in my room a few months ago but I'm a packrat and my swapmeet finds and photo equipment and photos in general pile up fast. I'm going to have to do this again in a few months because my parents want to move and I will also be moving away temporarily for school.

The final productthe growing pile of things to get rid of
childhood library

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